Ben Duncan

Founder & tech-entrepreneur

As a founder and developer, I have a passion for technology, startups, and contributing back to my community. I call the Sunshine Coast, Australia home, and often flying between the US and Europe for work.

I've spent the past decade sharing my vision for the Sunshine Coast as a future tech mecca of Australia. In 2013, I presented this concept in a TEDx talk titled "Silicon Beach."

In 2000, I founded Atmail and as CEO and grew the company significantly to over 3,000 customers in 65 countries worldwide. Atmail provides email platforms for ISP, Telco and business customers worldwide. I've had the pleasure to deliver our product to customers such as Interpol, Dreamhost, MediaTemple, Singtel, Princeton University, KDDI and thousands of other companies. Our software continues to power over 30 million user mailboxes, and I currently lead Atmail as CTO.

Another passion project as co-founder is Coding From Beach a group of 300+ Sunshine Coast-based coders and entrepreneurs. We aim to inspire our local tech community with in-depth technical discourse, encourage networking with like-minded geeks, and connect programmers with entrepreneurs to launch new ventures.

I 😍 adventures - I've had the pleasure to travel 3x around Australia by 4x4 as a digital nomad and live 3 years in the stunning Australian environment I call home. My next major adventure is to set sail around Australia, stay tuned!

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